terça-feira, 27 de setembro de 2011

A Natureza por números...

Porque me pareceu muito curioso resolvi partilhar este vídeo convosco:


da autoria de

Cristóbal Vila

Cristobal 2010

Swiss-born artisan Cristobal Vila has had a long relationship with the traditional arts. Watercolor, acrylic and oils butted up with technical drawing tools. At an early age, his family moved to Zaragoza in Spain. There he schooled in graphic design and industrial design. Ten or eleven years ago he moved across into the digital realm. This was a turning point, but only in the tools he used.

He studied at Sant Jordi in Barcelona and went out into the industry as a designer, illustrator, art director and in 1997, he leapt into 3D.

 “As I was familiar with Mac computers I began with Electric Image (EIAS), which was a powerful package available for Mac at that time,” describes Vila. “And I have used it a lot from then up til today for almost all of my projects. Since I must use other tools for modeling I moved my attention on Luxology modo.”

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